The Importance of the Conference:

Strategic planning has become one of the most important success features of any organization. It has done through its ability to develop performance, skills, and way of thinking to communicate with events, so it could face the contemporary crises that suffered our governmental and non-governmental institutions. Moreover, it would be handled with scientific methodology through preparing important strategic plans by high authoritative management. Making scientific researches in the field of strategic planning and crisis management which suggested by universities and researches center. Most of ideas and scientific researches help to find out solutions for causes that lead to create these crises. ..

Important Deadlines:

  • Abstract Submission: 1 Oct. 2018
  • Full Paper Submission: 1 Nov 2018
  • Registration : 11 Dec 2018
  • Conference Days: 11-12/12/2018

Last Conference EPSBRD2017 , Sanandaj, Iran