Instruction for Authors

Conditions for Participation in the Conference:

The conditions for participation in the conference were defined as follows:

First: Conditions of participation by research: Participants submit their researchs within the axis of the conference referred to, and as follows:

1- Submit the research abstract Online with the participation form(Registration Form) and a brief description of the researcher's biography. Deadline (1/9/2018).

2- The research should be submitted in Arabic or English language, accompanied by a summary of the research in both languages.

3- The research should be sent in hard copy by e-mail to the Conference ( ) by 25/10/2018.

4- Research should be sent to scientific residents according to the rules and principles used in the evaluation of scientific research.

5- Publication of research in the Journal of Zankoy Sulaimani Part (B - for Humanities) and the conditions of publication in the Journal:

- All submitted manuscripts must be novel and previously not published elsewhere.

- The submitted manuscripts must conform to scientific research methods and standards which include an abstract briefly stating the introduction, problems, research methods and procedures, goals of the study, and conclusions.

- Printed Arabic manuscripts should be submitted using an A4 paper with font size 14 and Noto Naskh Arabic font type on a Unicode keyboard. English research manuscripts should be submitted using Times New Roman font type and font size 12. Moreover, the same font types and sizes should be used in footnotes as well provided that they start with number 1 on each new page. Manuscript submissions should not exceed 30 pages; if so, then 5000 IQD will be charged for each page.

- Author(s)’ name(s) should be put under the research title on the top left of the first page.

- At the end of the research manuscript, the references should be listed in numbers.

- Reference list should follow this formula:

a- For journals: author(s)’ name(s), research title, date of publication, author’ affiliation, name of journal, volume and page number(s).

b- For books: author’s name(s), book title, publisher, place, date of publication and page number(s)

- After reviewing is complete, and the research manuscript are returned to the author(s), if required, then the author(s) must consider the revisions and submit within a week a revised copy on a CD, or email it to the conference email addresses ( )

- The research manuscript will be sent to two reviewers. In the case of rejection by one of them, it will be sent to a third one.

- The researcher(s) take(s) full responsibility for the content of his/her/their submission in terms of language, grammar, spelling and errors.

- For each research manuscript submission(after getting accepted by the committee), an amount of 150000 IQD (or its equivalent in foreign currencies) will be charged.

- Neither the research manuscript nor the amount will be refunded in case the manuscript has been accepted by the reviewers.

- The accepted research manuscript will be the property of the journal and will not be allowed to be republished without the editorial board’s consent except for books which the author publishes in his/her own name.

- The journal’s editorial board reserve the right to reject a research manuscript if it fails to conform to the legal and ethical principles and respect for humanity.

- Research manuscripts that are part of a master’s thesis or a PhD dissertation must be referred to as such which are also submitted to review.

- Ordering the published research manuscripts will be in accordance with the research language and researcher(s)’ name(s).

6- Researches accepted in previous conferences, and accepted to be publish in scientific journals previously, will not be considered.